Our ancestors marked the beginning of a new year in September, which had quite logical grounds. It is that very season when in the nature as well as in our routines numerous changes take place. Time, when the heady light-hearted summer gradually turns into productive, sometimes still sunny, but anyway serious sober-minded autumn. And this the right time, when being fully relaxed and satiated with delicious fruit and berries, we can actively start implementing the boldest plans and dreams.

Having started a new academic year with the trip to Chernivtsi, our next destination has been Lviv. For this event, organised by Pearson-Dinternal Ltd, the author of many textbooks and academic essays Vaugham Jones,  was invited. His exciting instructive lectures delivered with a refined British pronunciation along with an excellent sense of humour, reinforced by funny stories from his experience, can be listened to for hours and hours. We got insight into Vaugham’s key approaches in teaching and had a chance to review a newly published resource that will definitely become useful for us. Inspired by the fantastic speech, historical and intellectual majesty of Lviv National University, where the seminar took place and having felt a genuine Lviv autumn, we are entirely ready to get a new fabulous academic year started.

By Svitlana Bosovych

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