Founded by a couple of enthusiastic English-maniacs, SmartWay, represented by the team of professionals, is continuing to convert more and more regular people into English worshipers. We do not promise you quick results and pointless shortcuts; instead, we guarantee you hard work, sleepless nights, and ever-lasting iron-clad English knowledge. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll get laziness detoxification. All you need is motivation, everything else you’ll be provided with by our restless Smart Instructors. They love students — because they know how to prepare them!


Iurii Zubiak

The mastermind of SmartWay, the man behind the curtain, the invisible yet influential part of our team. No problem is too big and no person is too small in his eyes. His attention to details and thinking out of the box makes him a great leader.


Sergiy Zubiak

As every gardener needs a tentative gardener, every office needs a highly-skilled manager. Mr. Zubiak creates the atmosphere of courtesy, understanding and mutual respect for both colleagues and students.


Maryana Lumyanyk

The sense of responsibility she possesses will rub off on you. No task will be skipped and will be reviewed thoroughly, so the skill you’ve learned with this teacher will stay with you for life. Her enchanting desire to teach you English will make you fall in love with the language forever.


Maryna Savchuk

Calm and confident, but not without a spark, this teacher can light up any class. Time spend with her is both productive and full of positive emotions. Having got the experience in a call centre, she knows the answers to every tricky question, and will teach you not only speak but think in English.


Kate Demchenko

The ray of sunshine in our team. Her love of learning is contagious, and even if the student is not motivated enough, it will all change after the first class. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and responsible, she will not only give you a profound command of English but also inspire you for future endeavors. Her favorite quote is “There is no elevator to success. You have to take stairs”.